Belt Loop (10 Pack)
  • Belt Loop (10 Pack)

    Compatible with all 3M™ DBI-SALA® Tool Belts.



    • Used for tying off tools from belt

      Fast, simple and effective means to tie-off your tools to one of our 3M™ DBI-SALA® belts.



    • Allows for staging of tools from the belt

      The Belt Loop with Trigger allows tools to be easily staged from the belt. When ready to use, a tether can be attached to the staged tool prior to releasing from the trigger.
    • User-friendly thumb activated trigger

      A user-friendly thumb trigger is provided that is easy to use even while wearing gloves.
    • Capacity: 5 lb. (2.3 kg)

      Brand: DBI-SALA®

      Physical Dimensions: 1.00 x 4.00 (in)

      Product Types: Attachment Points

    • Items will be shipped within 2-3 working days.