Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline - Leading Edge

Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline - Leading Edge

The Leading Edge Rebel™ self retracting lifeline (SRL) line is built to last providing an economical fall protection solution without compromising performance or safety. It allows users to tie-off at foot level and was put through extensive sharp edge testing to ensure absolute protection against sharp, abrasive and leading edges. A robust design with a heavy-duty thermoplastic housing ensures longevity. Rebel™ is designed with the worker in mind, featuring a stackable space-maximizing design and an impact indicator to provide easy verification of whether the equipment has been involved in a fall. An SRL’s lifeline will extend as the user moves away, and retract automatically enabling the user to move about within a recommended working area at normal speeds. Should a fall occur, a speed sensing brake system will activate stopping the fall and reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels.


  • Designed for leading edge applications

    Developed for the abusive leading edge application, incorporating over-sized cable and an external energy absorber for added safety.
  • Rugged and extremely lightweight thermoplastic housing

    Compact and durable housing is easy to use, transport, store and is built to last.
  • Stackable housing design

    Unique housing allows for stacking of multiple SRL's on top of each other to reduce overall space needed during storage.
  • Built-in carrying handle

    Integrated handle makes transport, set-up, use and storage quick and easy.
  • 6m (20 ft.) 5.5mm (7/32") galvanised steel cable lifeline

    Abrasion resistant and extremely durable lifeline construction provides added field longevity.
  • Internal and external energy absorption systems

    Reduces the forces imposed on a fallen worker to safe levels and helps maintain lifeline integrity over abrasive edges.
  • Swiveling self-locking snap hook with impact indicator

    Automatically locks and closes for added safety, swivels to limit lifeline twisting for ease of use and provides visual indication of fall arrest.
  • Reserve lifeline system

    Maintains a reserve for shock absorption when the entire lifeline is extended for added safety.
  • Swiveling anchorage point

    Stays in line with load for added security and allows use of a variety of standard carabiners.
  • Side lifeline exit with ergonomic handle

    Enables smooth operation and reduced cable wear, and the handle provides added comfort and ease of use when making connections.
  • High strength, corrosion resistant components

    Stainless steel and zinc plated steel hardware provides added corrosion resistance and extends the life of the device.
  • Self-locking anchorage carabiner

    Self-closing and self-locking carabiner keeps the SRL securely attached to the anchorage device.
  • Capacity 141 kg
    Brand PROTECTA®
    Sub Brand Rebel™
    Size 6m (20ft)









    6m (20ft)



    Zinc Plated Steel
    Anchorage Hook Zinc Plated Steel


    Nylon Thermoplastic
    Model 3590542



    5.90 kg (13.0lbs)



    Single Lifeline



    Leading Edge



    Lifeline Type Galvanised Cable



    Block to Anchor Point



    Over 4.5 kg (10 lbs)
    Standards CE EN360:2002, VG11.054, type B, CNB/P/11.054 Revision 06, 0 mm radius)
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