Rollgliss™ R250 Pole Rescue Kit

Rollgliss™ R250 Pole Rescue Kit

The DBI-SALA Rollgliss™ R250 rescue kit is ideal for use as a peer rescue system in industrial environments. The system is specifically designed for workers who don’t perform rescue as part of their normal job functions. The system is extremely simple, yet completely safe and efficient. It will enable the rescuer to remove a person from danger without putting themselves at risk by descending to them. Unlike many industrial rope access rescue systems, the Rollgliss™ R250 rescue kit is easy to operate allowing everyone to use it, no specialised rescue skills are required. With this system, rescue does not involve the use of complex knots or knives, making it simple and safe. Most importantly, the suspended worker can either be raised or lowered by the rescuer to remove them from immediate danger until professional medical treatment or rescue support personnel arrive. To use the system you simply find an anchorage point on the structure that is above the person to be rescued. The kit contains a small number of pre-assembled components that enables the rescue to be completed in a few simple steps. DBI-SALA® packaged rescue systems are a perfect rescue/retrieval safety solution. You can go onto the job knowing that your equipment is ready to go, totally compatible and built with DBI-SALA® quality.

  • Allows assisted rescue of worker after a fall

    Offers a fast and reliable rescue solution from above the victim that requires minimal training for added safety.
  • Extension pole adjusts from 4 ft. to 16.5 ft. (1.2-5.0 m)

    Adjustable system provides added versatility and allows user to customise length in the field for optimum rescues.
  • 10m / 20m / 30m kernmantle rope lifeline

    Enables rescuer to remove a person from danger from above, without putting themselves at risk.
  • Packaged solutions includes everything needed for rescue

    Kit includes R250 descender with carabiner, rope and safety hook, extension pole, mini-haul system anchorage strap and two carry bags.
  • Does not require special tools or training

    Extremely easy to operate and use allowing fast, simple and safe assisted rescue scenarios.
  • Fast and efficient rescues take just minutes

    Remember, every second counts - system takes only a few minutes to set up and perform a rescue for added safety.
  • Oversized connection hook

    Makes it easier to connect the rescue device to the suspended victim for fast and safe hook-up and rescue.
  • Compact and lightweight design

    Kit is easily transported and stored in two backpack type carrying bags for complete ease of use.
  • Available in 10m, 20 m and 30 m lengths

    Various kit lengths available to suit your specific worksite needs for added flexibility.
  • Capacity (150 kg) 330 lbs. 
    Brand DBI-SALA®
    Sub Brand Rollgliss™ R250
    Size 10 m / 20m / 30m

    Co-worker Controlled



    Co-worker Controlled


    Descent Type Vertical
    User Controlled Ascent No
    User Controlled Descent No
    iSafe Equipped No
    Travel Length 10 m / 20m / 30m
    Model Various
    Physical Weight 8.00 kg (17.6lbs) / 9.00 kg (19.8lbs) / 10 kg (22.0lbs)
    Product Styles Manual Controlled Ascent and Descent
    Product Types Pole Rescue
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