Single Tool Holster with Retractor
  • Single Tool Holster with Retractor

    The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Tape Measure Sleeve conforms to the size of virtually any tape measure and allows your tool to be safely tethered while working at height. The sleeve is constructed from a heavy-duty neoprene material and is designed to be used with our Tape Measure Retractor Holster (sold separately), or on its own using a belt clip on the back of the sleeve. A belt clip on the back of the sleeve allows the sleeve to be holstered quickly. A D-ring on the sleeve allows the user to tie off their tape measure.

    • Neoprene pocket fits option retractor

      A neoprene pocket on the front of the holster accommodates a retractor (included).
    • Bottom drain vent

      Even in rainy weather conditions, this holster stays in outstanding working form thanks to a drainage vent. The vent helps keep the holster dry by allowing water to pass through, protecting your tools from rusting, and protecting your holster from dry rot.
    • High Visibility Reflectors

      Products equipped with Hi-Vis Reflectors are always easy to identify and locate, even when left in dark spaces. Highly reflective material is stitched into the front and back of the holster allowing it to be detected in low light conditions with a flashlight.
    • Magnetic tool staging system holds tools in place

      Speeds up your workflow and reduces how often your tools need to be holstered. A powerful magnetic tool staging system allows tools to simply stick to the holster ensuring that your tools are always at the ready.
    • Brand: DBI-SALA®

      Product Types: Tool Holsters

    • Items will be shipped within 2-3 working days.